How to Clean a Panini Press

For any kitchen, a panini press is a must-have. It comes in handy for grilling your sandwiches and garlic bread. Toss in some of your favorite veggies and some extra cheese that melts out of your sandwich and there! You have a delicious snack for your brunch. Though there is one little issue: the cleaning it requires for the mess it creates is tiresome.

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Clean a Panini Press

The grooves on grill plates make it hard for you to wash off the stains. You may feel persuaded to score the dirt with chemicals, a scouring pad or even a knife, but hang on! Before you scrape your panini press to pieces, look at these ways to tenderly clean it and make it dirt free.

How to Clean a Panini Press

A Natural And Easy Clean

The painless way to clean a panini press is by water. The only extra effort you have to put is to boil the water. Hot water is an effective solution to most of the mess. But before, make sure to unplug the grill. This method is especially convenient for the panini press that does not have removable plates. Use a cloth or a sponge soaked in hot water. Gently wipe the grubby areas with the cloth/sponge until clean. It is useful if the cleaning is done immediately after grilling.

Dishwashing Soap Clears Your Problems Ninety Percent Of The Time

Another helpful trick to solve your problem is through the use of dishwashing soap. As the last method, boil some water. Add the soap to the hot water. Again, use a cloth or sponge to wipe the grimy parts. Make sure to not use too much water, to prevent any damage to the electrical unit of your sandwich press. Also, remember to unplug before you begin cleaning.

You Can Actually Scrape If You Want

You read that correctly. You can scrape the stubborn pieces of grubs using a chopstick. It won’t cause any damage to the non-stick plates. The catch is to cover the end of the chopstick with a soft cloth. Then, you can be as rough as you want. Scraping with a soft cloth won’t harm your grill!

Let Baking Soda Help You Attack The Residue

Consider cleaning any chunks or crumbs of your meal stuck to the grill plates. You can also wipe sticking oil with a wet paper towel or napkin. The layer of cooking spray must be removed to get the whole press clean. Then, prepare the solution. It should be thick enough to stay on the grooves. Mix two and a half tablespoons of baking soda with half cup warm water. Evenly, pour it on the lower grill. Use a cloth to put the solution on the upper half of the panini press. You will need to redip the cloth again and again as the solution dries out. Wipe each groove on the upper side. Let it sit for maximum 10 minutes. You will soon see bits of residue coming off. Wipe the grill with a clean cloth using clear water. You can let it dry by itself or use paper towels. This method is extremely useful if you haven’t cleaned your panini press in years!

Moist Solution

In order to use steam for cleaning, you need to use the grill’s heat. In effect, you can use this method after grilling your food. Apart from the residual heat, instantly cleaning will also benefit you for a clean grill the next time you cook. If you are too lazy to clean it right away, or if you wish to enjoy your meal before cleaning, turn it on again later on its lowest temperature. If you want to steam clean your panini press, you need a soaked cloth. It should be entirely wet, or you risk burning the cloth. You can ensure this by seeing it drip.

Then, lay the cloth on the lower side. It should cover all the grooves completely. Ensure to keep the electrical unit of the grill away from the soaked cloth. You will hear a sizzling noise as you close the grill. You should observe steam coming out. If you see or smell smoke, pull out the cloth. Remove the cloth after six to seven minutes after the steam. After the press cools down, clean it with a cloth.

Removable Plates Have It Easier

Some grill comes with plates that are removable. Read the instructions manual of your grill. Check whether the plates are safe to use in the dishwasher. If the manual permits, place the plates in the dishwasher. Use the regular quantity of soap, that you use for washing utensils. Allow the plates to soak in the water. You can also wash them manually in the sink. If you haven’t cleaned your grill in a long time, let them soak for a longer period of time. After some time, wipe the grubs and the remains with a sponge. There you go! You have cleaned your panini press nicely!

There are some reasons as to why your press gets messy too often. Overflowing sandwiches make the stuff come out onto the plates. This calls you upon a duty to clean. Try assembling all the ingredients in such a way that it does not get grimy. Secondly, some brands do not allow too much oil on the grooves. It is advisable to prevent remains to stick and build. Spraying cooking oils create a larger mess. The oil holds more onto the grooves every time you grill. Instead of using cooking sprays, use a light coat of olive oil.

Regular cleaning is although tedious, but it will help your grill have a long-lasting life. You will notice that consistent cleaning is much easier and less time consuming than later when oils and the remains stiffen onto the plates. Though fortunately, now you know a lot of ways to keep your grilling machine clean. But remember, always unplug the appliance before scrubbing off the grub!

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