Best Panini Press For The Money 2020

For those looking for the best panini press for the money, we have one great surprise for you all. According to our tests, research & customer testimonials, “Hamilton Beach Panini Press 25460A” is one of the best panini presses with the combination of great features & reasonable price. Although there are both Pros & cons, but with the low price, it’s the perfect option for all the panini lovers.

Best Panini Press For The Money

Let’s review all the features of the machine.

Hamilton Beach 25460A Panini Press (Convenient and Reasonable)

Hamilton Beach Panini Press 25460A

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The Hamilton Beach Panini Press is an essential gadget to make your mornings easier. There are various benefits of having this sandwich maker.

Having a panini press you don’t have to spend extra money buying grilled sandwiches anymore. You also don’t have to make fried and fatty foods any longer. You simply have to grill to get a delicious snack.

Apart from such crazy benefits, it offers features that are exciting on their own. These features have left a countless number of people left speechless. So, here is an in-depth look:

1. It’s Usage

The Hamilton press does not only makes sandwiches. It also allows you to cook quesadillas, burgers, thin pieces of chicken, and vegetables. It is also possible to make pizza and bruschetta using this panini press.

This multipurpose panini press not only saves your day when guests come unannounced but also lets you create your midnight snack!

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2. The Surface Area It Provides

The panini press gives you a large surface area. The large surface area gives you the ability to grill your sandwich quickly. This grill is adequate enough for a large gathering. You can serve a lot of people at a time using this panini press.

It gives you an ultimate size to fit two sandwiches in a parallel manner. You won’t have to worry about the sandwiches being uncooked. Adequately stuffed sandwiches come out nice and crisp.

3. Material of the Grill Plates

The Hamilton Beach panini grill offers the cast-iron plates. They are the most expensive ones but the most reliable. These grill plates have a high durability and can last a lifespan if maintained well. They also are non-stick in nature. Even when you create a mess, cleaning won’t be a significant problem.

The non-stick grill plates are tremendously convenient. Even if some sticky substance like cheese trickles down, wiping with a damp cloth or a paper towel is easy. Grubs and other food particles don’t stick at all.

4. Heat Control

All types of bread like parmesan, French, and multigrain need to be grilled on their particular temperatures. A lot of panini press manufactured these days give you the option to set a temperature. Some of the grills allow you to set the temperature vaguely, on the basis of low-high temperature settings.

This sandwich maker lets you choose a temperature by its twist switch. Using this, you can adjust temperature for specific foods without burning them or keeping them uncooked.

5. Temperature and Power Signaller

There are two basic types of signallers on a grill. First, those signaling the levels of temperature and second, those indicating coincidental burning. Temperature signallers are useful to determine required temperatures for different snacks. The power indicators are used to prevent huge damages.

This panini press offers both. The power and heating lights will guide you to make yourself a delicious and safely cooked snack.

6. Look and Appearance

People using this panini press praised not only the look but also its convenience. The grill has a pivoting floating lid that lets you cook thick sandwiches. The upper grill then lay on top of the sandwich evenly.

The stainless steel of this panini press provides a refined look. The chrome-finish adds up to its elegance. The handgrip comes in a huge size to prevent any heat damage to your hands. A drip tray is set underneath to block oils and fats from leaking. This helps you in the cleaning process. Additionally, a fat spout prevents a further mess.

7. Production

A lot of people buy products based on their origins. According to them, the location where a product is produced affects its lifespan.

This panini press is produced in America by the brand Hamilton Beach. It can be seen through historical reviews that American products are better in quality with a high durability.

8. Additional Settings

Sandwich grills provide a variety of settings to choose from, which requires a lot of time to get used to. However, this grill gives only sufficient options, and the grilling becomes simpler. You just have to switch it on, make a note of the heating light, toss your food on top of the panini press, and your sandwich will soon be ready!

The features listed above are substantial. But, in the process of buying you should consider all aspects of the gadget. Doing so will help you become familiar with it. You can then enjoy cooking just as much as getting to eat the meal!

Consider these benefits and drawbacks that will aid you in making the right decision:


  • This sandwich maker gives you the opportunity to grill sandwiches regardless of its thickness.
  • A floating lid on top presses sandwiches evenly.
  • Power and preheating lights are designed to guide you through making a perfectly crisp snack.
  • The nonstick metal gratings aid you in the process of cleaning. Its 10″ x 8″ grid size prevents too much mess.
  • Although the grill plates are not detachable, however by this you can assure that the food doesn’t spill out.
  • The highly developed and chrome-finished appearance of the panini press adds an elegant look to your kitchen.


  • The Hamilton Beach Panini Press doesn’t provide removable plates. This becomes a serious drawback when it comes to cleaning.
  • Like almost all other sandwich makers, this grill doesn’t have a warranty period. However, the number of positive customer reviews will induce you to buy this panini press.
  • The metallic sandwich maker heats up too quickly. It will keep you occupied until the sandwich is complete. However, you also have to watch out for over-cooking and even burning of your food.

In Essence

The sandwich maker is a well-designed model. Its price is reasonable, there are adequate features and the performance is satisfactory. If you are a student living by yourself, or if you wish to gift it to your friend on their anniversary, this best & resonable priced panini press will fulfill your purposes. Or even if you are a homemaker, it will serve as a nice touch to your kitchen. So considering every point we call this machine the one of the best panini presses for the money!


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